About Us

Our team at Claridge Advisors is experienced, professional, and dynamic. We formed in 2013 and began assembling lands for redevelopment to help solve the housing crisis and make homes more accessible and affordable. We are a commercial brokerage that excel in all areas of the market. The team has over 35 years of real estate experience in commercial sale, leasing, land assembly, investment, construction, and project management. We are committed to provide the utmost professional service in the industry under the highest standard.

Growing up in a real estate family, Yoyoe was introduced to an extensive real estate network at an early age. This advantage continues to give Yoyoe an edge – providing her clients with exclusive resources in all aspects of real estate in Metro Vancouver. Yoyoe’s clientele consists primarily of high net worth individuals, business leaders and some of the city’s most notable Asian developers and builders.

For any inquiries please contact us and Yoyoe’s team. We would also like to invite you to drop by our office for a brief chat and freshly brewed coffee at 408-2052 West 41st Street