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    Bainbridge Zoning Bylaw Amendments



    (Adpppted July 2022)




    (Proposed Jan 2023)

    THE FULL DOCUMENT CAN BE FOUND: Claridge Research--Bainbridge Zoning Amendments


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    • rezoning application
    • Vancouver

    Rezoning Application: 123 E 6th Avenue, Vancouver

    The development application is for the construction of a 12-storey mixed-use office and industrial building at the corner of Quebec Street and East 6th Avenue in Mount Pleasant. The building falls within the I-1B District Schedule and comprises 196,351 sqft of floor area. The project also consists of the relocation, designation, and conservation of an existing two-storey (10,632 sqft) heritage building onsite (SFU Annex built in 1929) for the purpose of delivering to the city to operate as an arts centre.

    • The designation, alteration and relocation of an existing two-storey Heritage building which includes Artist Studio Class A & B
    • To develop a 12-storey, mixed-use building, including:
      • Wholesale and Office uses
      • A combined FSR of 6.6
      • A combined proposed floor area of 196,369 sqft.
      • A proposed height of 150 ft.
      • Three levels of underground parking, having vehicular access from the lane

    • rezoning application

    Rezoning Application: 4803 Canada Way, Burnaby

    Total Site Area: 51,731 Sqft

    FAR: 1.23

    Potential Buildable: 63,666 Sqft

    YWCA in partnership with City of Burnaby, BC Housing, and Cindy Beedie is proposing to redevelop the property at 4803 Canada Way to build a 4 storey U shaped building for affordable rental housing for women and children as well as a childcare facility.

    The subject site located at 4803 Canada Way is currently zoned as Residential R-3 and P-2 Administration and Assembly District. This application proposes to transform and revitalize this section of Canada Way through a change to CD (Comprehensive Development) based on P5 and

    RM3r Districts. The property is a rectangular lot with exposed frontages on two sides and a total site area of 51,731 Sqft.

    The residential courtyard located along Canada way has a patio space for dinning and seating including a bicycle loop. The Multi-use path located along the west side of the property connects Canada Way to the neighbourhood and childcare facility is located on the west side of the site. The childcare facility can be accessed from Canada Way and the users will walk through the play area to get inside the facility. Secure stroller/car seat storage is provided at entry gate. The play area is divided into toddler area and 3-5 age/preschooler area.

    Project Statistic:

    • Standard Rental: 33 two-bedroom unit, 12 three-bedroom unit
    • Adaptable Rental: 8 two-bedroom unit, 3 three-bedroom unit
    • Parking: 66 Resident parking and 6 Visitor parking

    Rezoning Application: 1040-1080 Barclay Street, Vancouver


    Transaction Price: 1040 ($32,000,000: 2017), 1070-1080 ($59,000,000: 2016)

    Site Area: 43,272 Sqft

    FSR: 21.867

    Potential Buildable: 946,391 Sqft

    The rezoning application at 1040-1080 Barclay St is to allow for the development two residential towers (54 storeys and 50 storeys) over ten levels of underground parking. The zoning would change from RM-5A (Multi-Dwelling) District to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District.

    The site is located between Vancouver’s Central Business District and the West End, within walking distance of a myriad of attractions, amenities, public transit, and easy access to the adjacent green space of Nelson Park.

    Featuring two distinct towers and an active ground plane, this dynamic project features a wide variety of uses and over 1,000 residential units, including market rental, below-market rental, social housing, market housing, childcare, and retail.

    At the heart of the site between the towers is a new urban park and mid-block connection, which has been developed with a focus on placemaking and building community.

    The East Tower: A 100% purpose-built rental tower with a small retail unit at grade.

    • Building Height of 545’ (572’ to the top of appurtenance) with 59 storeys
    • Podium Height of 59’, with 5 storeys above grade, with an average floor plate size of 11,089 sq.ft
    • Tower maximum floor plate size of 9,000 sq.ft (7,500 sq.ft + 20% rental allowance)
      • A total of 636 Residential Units
      • 130 Below-Market Rental Units
      • 506 Market Rental Units
      • A ground floor Retail Unit of 1,622 sq.ft
      • 10 levels of underground parking

    The West Tower: A market condominium and social housing tower with integrated childcare facility on the podium roof, and retail units at grade.

    • Building height of 541’ (567’ to the top of appurtenance) with 56 storeys
    • Podium height of 67’, with 6 storeys above grade, with an average floor plate size of 13,255 sq.ft
    • Tower maximum floor plate size of 7,500 sq.ft
      • A total of 464 Residential Units:
      • 365 Market Condominium Units
      • 99 Social Housing units
      • City-owned Childcare Facility (37 space) with 5,069 sq.ft interior and 5,606 sq.ft exterior      space on the podium roof
      • Ground floor Retail Units totaling 4,291 sq.ft
      • 10 levels of underground parking

    • Redevelopment Application
    • Vancouver

    8029-8225 Oak St and 1012 W 64th Ave, Vancouver

    Site Area: 68,313 Sqft

    FSR: 1.27

    The project site sits on the southwest corner of W64th Ave and Oak Street. The objective of our proposal is to bring forward a unique ‘transit-oriented’ mixed-use project with a high standard of architectural design, form and expression. The site development also must consider sensitive transitions to the single-family neighbourhood. Scale, materiality and form are critical to consider in executing the shift in scale from low density single-family to mid-density urban.

    The proposed project at Oak Street and 64th Ave is situated at the north of the block. The proposed project is for three (3) five-to-seven-storey mixed-use buildings. These sites, presently twelve(12) single family homes, are located adjacent a stop on Bus Route 17 Downtown/Oak and a 15 minute walk to Marine Drive Skytrain Station

    Site Statistic

    • 231 strata-titled residential units
    • Commercial retail space at grade
    • A floor space ratio (FSR) of 3.1
    • A floor area of 19,634 sq. m (211,339 sq. ft.)
    • Building heights of 21.2 m (69.6 ft.), 22.8 m (74.8 ft.) and 28.8 m (94.5 ft.)
    • 272 vehicle parking spaces and 497 bicycle parking spaces

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    Co-op Housing Leases Renewed with New Terms in Vancouver

    The City of Vancouver has been pressured to come up with new plan for Co-op housing in Vancouver as the first lease renewal is coming to end this October. Until a new agreement is renegotiated, many of the tenants who signed their leases during 1970s and early 80s were unsure if their lease can be renewed.

    The City of Vancouver has proposed new framework for the lease. Co-op housing will continue to be affordable housing instead of market rental. This is great news amid covid when securing a home is very difficulty considering they are already in a co-op in the first place. According to Thom Armstrong, “the co-ops housing represents 25% of the city’s entire non-market portfolio.” The city owns more than half of it equating to a total of 3700 units.

    Although it remains as affordable housing, the terms are still based on today’s market. The tenant will still see a bump on their rent. The city made clear that no co-op members were going to be displaced and the building will be renewed in a financially sustainable way.

    “The framework approved Thursday would allow for new leases where rents for higher-income co-op members would be set at 25 per cent of the median Vancouver renters’ income, or 15 per cent below average area rents, whichever is less. And it would allow the city to offer subsidies for lower-income, rent guaranteed income units in co-ops, based on the benchmark of 30 per cent of household income. Both will require annual income testing”

    “The city’s goal was never to maximize revenue and it is not to maximize revenue,” said Chungath, the city’s director of operations for arts, culture and community services.

    Chungath mentions they are working to propose additional co-op unit through densification or redevelopment. This will open to new opportunities for redevelopment incentive for developers if they participate in this co-op program.

    • Redevelopment Application
    • Vancouver

    Redevelopment Application: 1395 West Broadway, Vancouver

    Yuan Heng submitted a rezoning application for 1395 West Broadway, and it is waiting for feedback from the community. The proposal is to allow for the development of a 24-storey office building. The zoning would change from C3-A (Commercial) to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District.

    This application has been previously "linked" to another Yuanheng owned project located a block away on 1316 West Broadway, by way of establishing a commitment to build a fully city owned Seniors Center on 1316 West Broadway for which a separate DP application will be made concurrently with this rezoning application.

    The site is located at the high point of the Fairview slope area. The neighborhood comprises of a mixed of office, residential, retail, institutional, and services uses. Taller buildings are located along Broadway. A recently approved 276 ft. high residential rental project is located at the south east corner of Broadway and Birch street. The new transit line will run underneath Broadway with a station just to the west of the site. Changes to density and height along Broadway developments will be forthcoming when the Broadway Plan gets implemented.

    Project Statistic:

    • 25,404 sq. m (273,442 sq. ft.) of office space
    • Commercial uses at grade, including restaurant space
    • A floor space ratio (FSR) of 8.65
    • A total floor area of 27,872 sq. m (300,008 sq. ft.)
    • A building height of 91 m (300 ft.), with a rooftop feature to a maximum height of 96 m (315 ft.) at the southeast corner
    • 392 underground parking spaces and 172 bicycle spaces

    • Burnaby
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    Do not Blast Your Music Too Loud at Night or You Might Get Sued

    Its rare to see noise dispute making it to court, but it happened last week. A resident from a Highrise condo in Burnaby took its upstairs neighbours to court and won the case. The owner of the unit contacted its upstairs neighbour and the property management to resolve the problem with no result.

    According to the owner, the neighbour was blasting music for months on late nights for several hours causing disturbance and miss of work.

    The noise “occurred after 10 p.m. and before 7 a.m., often over several hours, when I find it reasonable to expect that residents of a multi-unit building conduct themselves quietly so that others can sleep,” tribunal member Julie K. Gibson wrote. “I find the evidence establishes that the respondents caused noise-related nuisance to the applicants.”

    The recording the owner submitted proved over 50 dBAs which exceed the limit of 30 dBAs guidelines and the city bylaws limit noise between 10PM to 7AM to 45dBAs. Owners should keep it in mind because the fine are hefty.

    In the end, the court handed out a $2500 fine equates to $156 per incident of disturbance. Although this does not happen often, please be considerate and make sure you get along with your neighbour.

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