B.C Tenants Might be at Risk of being Evicted Without Knowing It

B.C Tenants Might be at Risk of being Evicted Without Knowing It

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July 10, 2020

The government launched a policy protecting tenants from being evicted, if you cannot afford to pay rent due to the pandemic is still in effect. When B. C’s enters phase 3, the government scaled back some of its restriction allowing evictions for any other reasons other than late or non-payment of rent. Starting from July 2, 2020, landlords in B.C. seeking enforcement of existing eviction orders can now go to court.

Landlord can obtain a “write of possession” allowing them to remove tenant’s belongings if they have not vacated by the time outlined in the order. With a 24-hour notice, the landlord may enter without the tenant’s consent while following pandemic safety guidelines. The sudden change leaves many many tenants unaware regarding the changes and possibility of an eviction.

Lawyer Danielle Sabelli mentioned that tenants who are at risk of being evicted were only given a week’s notice from the government. This leaves many insufficient times to secure a new home.

BC Housing provided rental supplement of up to $500 per month and this policy has extended for the months of July and March.

The government said it will be putting a framework in place requiring landlords to work with tenant to repay rent owing. It rises concern rather tenants will be able to pay back at all. The biggest concern is a potential second wave happening in fall which might drawback the economy further prolonging the rental problem hurting landlord even further.