BC Heatwaves Sets New Records Across the Province

BC Heatwaves Sets New Records Across the Province

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June 28, 2021

This week was a record-breaking week for the highest temperature in British Columbia. It reached as high as 44 C in Kamloops. The heat wave expected to end on Saturday continued into this week which nobody was expecting.

Simon Fraser University Burnaby went as far as canceling re-mote and in-person classes amid the heatwave due to multiple buildings does not have cooling solutions in-place. Workers are suggested to work from home if possible.

Residents of British Columbia are coming up with all kinds of interesting solutions to survive from the high temperature. Their first attempt was purchasing an air conditioner, but it was sold out everywhere. Some opt to finding a group to rent an Airbnb room while other moves into a hotel for a couple of days. Those who lives in a detached home or townhouse are sleeping on the basement. For those with a tight pocket, sleeping inside their SUV in the garage.

A total of 59 records broken across BC on Sunday including:

  • Princeton: New record of 41.4 C, old record of 38.5 C in 2015
  • Trail: New record of 42.2 C, old record of 40.6 C in 2015
  • Nakusp: New record of 35.8 C, old record of 35.3 in 2015
  • Vancouver: New record of 31.1 C, old record of 27.2 C in 1935
  • Victoria: New record of 37.7 C, old record 29.5 in 1995
  • Golden: New record of 36.5 C, old record of 35 C in 1925
  • Abbotsford: New record of 41.4 C, old record of 32.3 C in 2015
  • Fort St. John: New record o 34.9 C, old record of 30 C in 1928
  • Kamloops: New record of 44 C, old record of 38.2 C in 2015
  • Vernon: New record of 41.5 C, old record of 38.1 C in 2014
  • Penticton: New record of 40.5 C, old record of 37.8 C in 1925
  • Osoyoos: New record of 42 C, old record of 40.9 C in 2015


We wish everyone safe through this week and hope the heatwave doesn’t last through Canada Day.