Redevelopment Application: 906-982 West 18th Ave & 907-969 West 19th Ave, Vancouver

Redevelopment Application: 906-982 West 18th Ave & 907-969 West 19th Ave, Vancouver

  • Redevelopment Application
  • Vancouver
September 21, 2021

Site Area: 108,847 Sqft

Developer: Wesgroup

Wesgroup resubmitted rezoning application for Balfour Block at 906-982 W 18th Ave and 907-969 W 19th Ave. The proposal is to allow for the development of a 6-storey rental building; a 6-storey condo building with a rooftop amenity and a childcare space on the ground floor; seven 3- to 4-storey townhome buildings. The zoning would change from RT-2 (Residential) to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District

The Balfour Block is a 108,847 square-foot site that includes a portion of lane area to be purchased from the City of Vancouver and located within the Cambie Village character area of the City of Vancouver. The site is situated east of Oak Street and directly west of Laurel Street; the site’s borders are West 18th Avenue to the north, Laurel Street to the east, West 19th Avenue to the south, and a private lot and City of Vancouver lane to the west.

The site is in close proximity to two bike routes: 14th Avenue and Heather Street, making it easily accessible via bicycle. The multitude of transportation options make car-free commuting easy for residents, childcare workers and other site users. This variety of non-automobile transportation is directly aligned with the Cambie Corridor Plan. Plan Highlights – Transforming Single Family Neighbourhoods (Section 3.2). The intent of this Plan Highlight is to create “vibrant, mixed-use communities with a diverse range of housing.”

Project Detail:

  • 208 total units consisting of 58 townhouses; 51 market strata residential units; and 99 secured rental units (with 25% of the proposed residential floor area at below-market rates)
  • A floor area of 19,076 sq. m (205,333 sq. ft.)
  • A floor space ratio (FSR) of 1.89
  • Building heights ranging from 11.5 m (37.6 ft.) to 25 m (82.5 ft.)
  • 255 vehicle parking spaces and 502 bicycle spaces