Rezoning Application: 8804 Osler Street, Vancouver

Rezoning Application: 8804 Osler Street, Vancouver

  • rezoning application
  • Vancouver
March 3, 2021

Kun Yuan International Group submitted a rezoning application for 8804 Osler Street, and it is waiting for feedback from the community. The proposal is to allow for the development of a six-storey mixed-use building. The zoning would change from MC-1 (Industrial) District to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District.

The site situated near Ebisu Park and Oak Street Bridge. In the southern side of Marple neighbourhood, it is known for office and industrial use. We are seeing more and more residential development in the area. The transformation is definitely happening. The project proposed 38 strata-titled units and retail at ground to help add more services to the area.

Project Statistic:

  • 38 strata-titled units
  • A floor space ratio (FSR) of 3.05
  • A gross floor area of 4,569 sq. m (49,183 sq. ft.)
  • A building height of 24.4 m (80 ft.)
  • Ground floor commercial space
  • 59 vehicle parking spaces and 91 bicycle parking spaces

Information Acquired From: City of Vancouver

Developer: Kun Yuan International Group