Delta City Council Rejects Redevelopment Proposal, This Time in Ladner

Delta City Council Rejects Redevelopment Proposal, This Time in Ladner

    March 19, 2020


    Why does Delta City Council rejects redevelopment proposal? Amid the time where redevelopment is recommended by municipalities throughout Metro Vancouver attempting to increase housing supply and provide affordable home, the City of Delta has been rejecting development application. The question is on what ground? Without doubt the city if Delta is on board to make the Metro Vancouver a more affordable as redevelopment also links to economic growth from inflow of population and increased commercial space.

    The latest project rejected was a 40-unit townhouse proposal in Ladner’s 57th street. The developer proposed to redevelopment 7 continuous single-family lot into 3-storey townhouses. The initiative was clear, adding housing supply to bring new families into the community. However, the city council believed that the increase in residence will lead to various issues: drainage, traffic, safety concern and neighbor being affected by the proposal. It is doubtful that the main concern was due to utility capacity. One interesting aspect was that there wasn’t public consultation and a proper OCP (official community plan) in place to assess the potential of redevelopment in this municipality.

    December of last year, a 35-storey mixed-use with commercial space at ground with affordable homes from BC Housing was rejected by Delta City Council under same concerns. A project that could have created 335 market housing and 70 affordable housing was rejected after heated debate from the community. The city does acknowledge the need to densify in major areas. With added transit services coming in 2021, it could benefit the community and support the increased population.

    The lack of multi-family residential could be one of the reasons. They’re unfamiliar with high-rises in the community. Large single-family home dominated the area and the lifestyle it accompanied. Delta will find its way but takes time.