Expedited Townhouse Rezoning Application Procedure for Cambie Corridor Plan Phase 3

Expedited Townhouse Rezoning Application Procedure for Cambie Corridor Plan Phase 3

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February 2, 2019

Rezoning for redevelopment has always been a difficult and complicated process that takes a substantial amount of time and efforts. On October 16, 2018, the townhouse rezoning guide in Cambie Corridor Phase 3 had been updated to shorten the rezoning process by simplifying the rezoning application procedure substantially

Due to the existing utility services constraints, the current system cannot support the massive densification and population growth of Vancouver. City of Vancouver’s solution to upgrading the utility service system is to have Developer cover the cost for the upgrades. As a result, the cost of new homes would be more expensive, and it takes longer to build.

Based on the utility service plan, Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Zone 1 area newly proposed townhouse development would no longer require rezoning. These sites will automatically be pre-zoned for RM-8A/8AN by the city. The city of Vancouver will be responsible for the utility upgrade. Utility in this area will have enough capacity to sustain the densification.

If the new proposed townhouse developments are not in zone 1 area, the developers still need to go through the rezoning process; however, the process had been simplified. Rezoning inquiry, community open house, and urban design panel procedure have been eliminated to shorten re-zoning application time. City staffs are anticipating that the rezoning would take less than 1 year for townhomes rezoning application within the Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Plan.

This is a big step forward for the growing Vancouver population. The government realized the cost and time required for rezoning has been a burden for the city and improved the process. This reduces the time it takes, cost of rezoning, and triggers more redevelopment opportunity.


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