Latest Coronavirus Update on Reopening the Economy

Latest Coronavirus Update on Reopening the Economy

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May 5, 2020

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec are lifting some COVID-19 Restriction. Canada’s health minister said some sectors engaged in what they referred to as “cautious reopening” despite the number of cases are still growing, up to 60,000 cases in Canada.

Although the number cases have flattened out, this will be an experiment to see how it will affect pandemic. The economy will need to slowly reboot because the pandemic is not expected to end anything soon with another wave coming in Fall and Winter. Without a vaccine, to reach herd immunity 60-70% of the population need to be contracted with a virus and there are cases of re-infection.

Canada did a great job compared to our neighbours in the South. The slow re-opening will introduce a new way of living that will last a long time. The good news are the businesses that are re-opening service related. It should bring more people back to run and cash flowing in the economy.

Ontario is allowing lawn care, landscaping, garden centers for curbside pickup, and automatic and self serve car washes, auto dealership and construction projects. These are businesses that require minimal gathering with safe working distances, up to 1-2 people, and in-store pickup is typical during these times.

Quebec on the other hand has decided to delay the reopening given the severity of their situation. Construction and manufacturing will re-open as deemed essential.

Saskatchewan is re-opening non-urgent medical offices and outdoor activity with restrictions.

Manitoba is taking the most risk allowing hair-salon to museum, but the province of Manitoba has only 281 confirmed cases to date.

British Columbia has no plans to re-open the economy yet and has improved COVID-19 testing speed. According to Premier John Horgan, the strategy to reopen in British Columbia will be very different compared to other provinces. There will be guidelines and business emergency power can shutdown businesses that fails to operate in a safe manner.

All the provinces are facing a very different situation. We are seeing the less contaminated provinces and territories are slowly opening, but provinces like British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec will remained closed for the time being and will very likely be opening up last.