The Real Estate Council of BC asks realtors to suspend open house amid raising COVID-19 cases

The Real Estate Council of BC asks realtors to suspend open house amid raising COVID-19 cases

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November 10, 2020

The province of British Columbia observes a sharp increase in COVID-19 after Halloween. The fear that a rapid spread of virus engulfed the province. To help slow down the virus from spreading, the Real Estate Council of BC asked realtors to suspended public open houses until further notice.

The COVID situation is grim after a record breaking 1,120 new covid cases was reported the day after Halloween. The number of cases in the following days continues to reach new height well into the 400 to 500s.

Real Estate Brokerages also need to take precaution and additional measure to stop the spread of the virus since it is a high traffic area. We suggest realtor should avoid using brokerage facility unless necessary to conduct their businesses. Rent delivery and other document requiring signature should be mailed instead of dropping off at the office. Shared workspace and computers should be sanitized after every session.

Realtors should explore alternative ways to market their client’s properties. Many innovative technologies were introduced to the market since the outbreak started in March. The world is aware the importance of online business models. Online showing by appointment and adaptive VR technology are some approach realtor can take to conduct their business.

“This limit on gatherings applies to both inside and outside the home, meaning consumers cannot wait on the property if another showing is already underway. Consumers should also understand that in the case of smaller properties, six people might be too many to still allow for safe physical distancing,” according to the latest real estate bulletin. When realtors attend a property for any purposes, they need to consider not only the property in question, but also neighbor in a multi-strata location.